Strawberry Switchblade

April 1985

Strawberry Switchblade album cover

Korova/WEA [KODE 11 LP, CODE 11 cassette]

LP and cassette only

A1) Since Yesterday
A2) Deep Water
A3) Another Day
A4) Little River
A5) 10 James Orr Street
B1) Let Her Go
B2) Who Knows What Love Is?
B3) Go Away
B4) Secrets
B5) Who Knows What Love Is? (Reprise)
B6) Being Cold

with black and white inner sleeve

Initial copies of LP with free 7" of Trees And Flowers / Go Away, reissued on Korova [SAM240]. These copies came shrinkwrapped and bearing a sticker approx 7cm diameter, white lettering on pink, 'special limited edition includes free 7" single'.

A very small number of copies of the LP were pressed with the test-pressing tracks and running order (see David Motion interview). The label and cover of these copies list the proper order.

also Japanese LP and CD [WEA Japan, 18P2-2856] with lyric book in English and leaflet of lyrics in Japanese

Cassette of the album issued in a non-copyright territory (probably the far east somewhere) with additional tracks By The Sea, Michael Who Walks By Night, Beautiful End and six tracks by The Bangles. (Team Records, [T6172], presumably 1985)

Strawberry Switchblade album cover, Japanese reissue

1997 Japanese reissue: WEA International [WPCR1093]

CD only

1) Since Yesterday
2) Deep Water
3) Another Day
4) Little River
5) 10 James Orr Street
6) Let Her Go
7) Who Knows What Love Is?
8) Go Away
9) Secrets
10) Who Knows What Love Is? (Reprise)
11) Being Cold
12) Beautiful End
13) Poor Hearts
14) Ecstasy (Apple Of My Eye)
15) Jolene
16) Black Taxi
17) Trees And Flowers (Extended Mix)
18) Michael Who Walks By Night
19) Since Yesterday (Extended Mix)
20) I Can Feel

Cover is exactly the same as the original release and doesn't mention the extra tracks

With lyric book in English and Japanese. Many of the production credits are incorrect, and some of the transcriptions of the lyrics have hilarious errors

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The 12" Album

Released in Japan only
LP only?

The 12 Inch Album cover Japanese issue

Warner Pioneer [P6219]

1) Let Her Go (Extended Mix) [4:48]
2) Trees and Flowers (Extended Mix) [6:40]
3) Since yesterday (Extended Mix) [6:27]
4) Jolene (Extended Mix) [6:12]
5) Michael Who Walks By Night [3:41]
6) Who Knows What Love Is (Extended Mix) [5:33]
7) Ecstasy (Apple of My Eye) [3:30]

Let Her Go (Extended Mix) is the same as the Let Her Go Kitchensynch Mix-up on the Who Knows What Love Is? 12 inch single

LP came with paper band around the front and an insert.

The 12 Inch Album cover Canadian reissue

1995 CD reissue in Canada by Communique Records [CDCOMM5].

Badly remastered with sound quality about as good as the photocopy-style sleeve.

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The Platinum Collection

December 2005

The Platinum Collection cover

Warners [5101117332]
CD only

1)Since Yesterday
2) Trees and Flowers
3) Who Knows What Love Is?
4) Let Her Go
5) Jolene
6) Deep Water
7) Another Day
8) Little River
9) 10 James Orr Street
10) Go Away
11) Secrets
12) Being Cold
13) Poor Hearts
14) Black Taxi
15) Michael Who Walks by Night
16) I Can Feel

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Although not denoted on the sleeve, the versions of Trees And Flowers and Jolene are the extended mixes. I Can Feel is not the single as reissued on the 1997 Japanese CD, it's a previously unreleased demo version.